A “Man who tells Medicine stories”. Manitonquat is a story teller, the eldest of the Elders of the Assonet Clan – Wampanoag,  Massachusets.
Story is the name he likes to go by all over the world.

He has travelled for years all over North America listening to the Elders who have lived according to the “Original Teachings”. He started sharing the Teaching of The Circle Way with people all over the world over 40 years ago.  A Way of Life that brings serenity and joy to our hearts, our relationships and our communication.

He took part in the Movement for Spiritual Unity of the North American Indians and he was the co-founder of the Tribal Healing Council. He is also a member of the Association of Humanistic Psychology . Story leads a Native American Support Program and teaches co-counselling in 6 prisons in the United States. He is also one of the representatives for the Native American Liberation Movement on the East Coast.

An accomplished author and poet, Story has written several books namely: “The Circle Way”  (La Meridiana), “Return to Creation” (Urra), “Changing the World” (Free Spirit), “Ancient Teachings of the Native Americans” (Terra Nuova), and “Growing Together in Joy” (The Green Lion).

Ellika Linden:

Ellika has lived with Manitonquat for over 25 years, sharing his vision and his social commitment. She is an actress and  theater director, and also a Co-counselling teacher for the Native American Support Program.  Ellika also leads  seminars on woman’s spiritualism. She accompanies Manitonquat on The Circle Way seminars.