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Summercamp 2017 from August 25 to 31, 2017

Welcoming and registration for the 2017 Summercamp will start at 10 am on Friday August 25.

The Circle will begin on the Friday evening.

Manitonquat and Ellika will be there from August 28-29 but the Summercamp will continue until August 31.

Camping CHIARA Regione Salamocca

Photo Gallery Camping Chiara

Camping CHIARA is in the heart of the Valchiusella, 25 km from Ivrea and 70 km from Turin, where nature and tradition have remained uncontaminated. It is on the banks of the River Chiusella and is about 3 km away from the small village of Traversella. A couple of kilometers from Traversella there is a famous Free Climbing Rock Face and the Souls’ Path; for those of you who came last year, it lies about 200 meters higher than Prato Roglio. There is a bungalow with ten beds for people with special requirements.


  • A 12mt Ø DOME (to hold the Circles if it rains)
  • Parking space for cars and campers
  • 8 toilets + 4 showers + a well-equipped laundry room.






Food will be vegetarian and vegan (please let us know if you have any particular dietary requirements).

Pets: we will have to consider each individual pet to decide whether they can co-exist with each other and around the children’s areas. Write to us.

   *** practical information ***

Apart from your tent and mattress please bring everything you may need for camping and your personal hygiene (towels and only 100% organic soap and shampoo because the water we use for the showers runs into the river). A good warm sleeping bag (+10/15 ° comfort limit) because we are at 850 m. asl. Also: Personal crockery (a bowl or dish, a glass, cutlery, a cup and a napkin); a torch; comfortable clothes and shoes, a fleece or similar jacket for the evenings, a rain jacket; a swimming costume, a pareo or big towel. Two used blankets for the Sweat Lodge because with the heat they might get ruined. A fitness or yoga mat to sit on.

But most of all, bring whatever gives you joy : your kids, grandparents, friends, stories, your feelings, ideas, talents and experiences … your voice, percussion instruments, guitars, flutes ….

And every kind of artistic tool for drawing, playing, mask-making, juggling, kites, etc.). Games to share with the children.

Contribution for participation in support of the project


  • Adults: (in own tent) per person: € 250
  • Children: 0-3 years: Free
  • Children: 3-7 years per child: € 100
  • Children: 7-12 years per child: € 120



Adults and children (10 people max). The bungalow is primarily reserved for people with conditions preventing them from camping: for example age, disability, incompatibility etc.

People with the situations mentioned above will be given priority for the bungalow and we will only be able to confirm other requests just before the beginning of the camp.

For bungalow accommodation there will be an extra single contribution per person of 70 €.

In addition, it will be necessary to acquire a Lega Ambiente membership card – for one year health insurance cover:

  • Adults: 25 €
  • Children: 7 €

The daily contribution for those not staying for the whole 6 days:

  • Adults: € 45 per day
  • Children: € 20 per day

And the full Legambiente membership card.

email: [email protected]



  • Adults (camping): € 190
  • Children 0-3 years: Free
  • Children 4-12 years: € 100

In addition, Lega Ambiente membership card – health insurance cover for one year

  • Adults: 25 €
  • Children: 7 €

The sum includes food and lodging and all activities carried out during the camp, including the child care service during the Circles.

For information and subscriptions:

email: [email protected]

NB: Discounts for large families and / or difficult financial situations are foreseen; please email us and we will find solution together.


Promotion Bookings

If you want to take advantage of the promotion offer when you book, you will be required to pay the full contribution by June 15 to be paid by bank transfer to the following current account:


Account name “SUMMERCAMP”
IBAN IT87S0501801600000000173248 – BIC CCRTIT2T84A
Fiscal Code for anti-mafia controls: MRTTNM69P64F952W

Please send a copy of the payment to [email protected] and include the full number and full name of the participants in the email.

For information email: [email protected]

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