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Medicine Story Manitonquat

The Circle Way

It is the Native American tradition that if man shares his dreams with one another, that dream will lead to the co-creation of a new reality. It is Manitonquat’s dream to share the ancient knowledge of The Circle Way with the world.
Along his path, Manitonquat discovered and made use of the tool called Supportive Listening, a modern gem which when used correctly works in perfect harmony with the Circle of the Elders. Seeing this he has decided to use this tool in his camps, combining the supportive listening into The Circle Way.
This has given him insight into the possibility of creating new communities based on the teachings of The Circle Way and the Supportive Listening skills taught.

There are camps and seminars being held all over Europe where these tools are being shared with all attendees of these camps as well as established communities.
The reality is that communities and people wanting to co-live often experience problems and issues that slow down and sometimes halt the progression of the said life-styles due to the miscommunication and the perceived lack of resources available to them to ease tensions and conflicts that arise from the different points of view. This becomes a stumbling block for the creation of our shared dreams.
Making use of these teachings is a great opportunity to help us change the way we think, we feel and we react to all the relations around us, whether they are family, friends, or emotional connections. The benefits of these teachings not only helps us but all those around us.
This path has a double benefit in that it helps us in our own growth path and it also gives us a new way of behavior towards others, a more serene and lovable way of experiencing our relationships.
As Story teaches us:

“Together, there’s nothing we can’t do” so even the shared dream of a better world can be realized.

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The Circle

In the circle we find an opportunity to express our deepest pains and move past the hurts that impede us from living life fully.
In the circle gathering there is no one above us, below us, in front of us or behind us, we can look everyone in the eye and we are all equals. There is no place for completion in circle gatherings, only cooperation, collaboration, supportive and active listening.

Supportive listening, co-support and empathic listening

Entering deep into our emotions and being is made possible with the help of a person whom as made themselves available for the role of supportive listener. A sacred space is entered between the two parties, a space based on active listening, with total trust from both parties, each taking turns in listening to the other talk, without judgement and without giving any sort of advice. Each party will have the same amount of time to listen and speak. As this is a sacred and protected space it is very important that what is said during the supportive listening sessions does not exit from the sacred space, this aspect gives both parties the assurance that whatever they share in this session will remain in the session.

Talking stick

In the circle gatherings it is important that everyone gets the same amount of time to speak. This is emphasized by a Talking Stick that gets passed around from person to person and this emphasizes the fact that only the person with the talking stick has the opportunity to express themselves while everyone else listens without interrupting, judging or advising.

Sweat lodge

This is a very old tradition or prayer and purification which returns us to a state of connection with Mother Nature, it brings a healing of the mind, the body and the soul and it reconnects us to the energy of the four elements, stones (Earth), heated (Fire), blessed with Water that vaporizes into the Air that we breath. In a daily hymn and blessing to Life our spirit is elevated and is balanced with Her (Mother Nature).